Resolve to Upgrade your Bathroom

updated bathroom 3This year, along with those admirable but difficult-to-Keep resolutions, why not set a goal that’s easy to achieve and will leave you with long-lasting satisfaction? Start the new year with a new bathroom and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

Creating an outstanding bathroom can be as easy as updating fixtures, freshening paint and adding some luxury touches. In fact, 49% of Americans who choose to remodel their bathrooms, do so in order to upgrade features and fixtures. Focus your efforts on these key areas, and you can easily accomplish the uplifting resolution to improve your bathroom.

Finer Fixtures

Replace an older, dated and less efficient toilet with a modern low-flow option that conserves water without sacrificing flushing power. Go one step further and choose a touchless flush toilet which can help make the bathroom a healthier and more hygienic place. Touchless sensors accurately and reliably detect when users hold their hands above the toilet to trigger the flush.

touchless toiletSuperior Showering

Surveys show that Americans view the shower as more than a place to get clean. It is also where many go to de-stress and escape daily pressures. A shower can be soothing or stimulating so you need a showerhead that is equally adept at creating both effects. And, since the US Environmental Protection Agency says that nearly 17% of the water we use in our homes goes for showering, it’s important to choose a showerhead that conserves water without sacrificing the quality of your showering experience.

single lever faucetFulfilling Faucets

Faucets are another key design element of any bathroom, and they not only influence the room’s visual appeal, but its usability and environmental impact as well. Washing your hands can use about 1 gallon of water. Replacing older, outdated faucets can help change the look and feel of a bathroom, allow you to use less water and even satisfy the varying dexterity levels of different members of the household. The single-handed design makes the faucet easy to use for children and for seniors who might have dexterity limitations.